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About The Artist

About the artist

Following in the Legacy of Michelangelo is a tough act to follow and can by no easy means be rivaled, but fine artist and director Gunther Alexander strives to continue a similar legacy of excellence, passion and dedication.

Gunther's commitment and passion for the arts began at an early age which lead to dedicated study and practice in fine arts, graphic design, sculpture and even music.

Having studied in these disciplines for a period 8 years, and having practiced commercially for over 15 years it seemed fitting to adopt the name Michelangelo to create a brand that would help to instill this ideal of commitment and dedication to the arts.

Michlangelo Murals respectfully pays tribute to the great master and does not assume in any way to be equal to him but rather to reflect the same values and commitment that define any great artist and to continue a legacy of excellence.

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